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So I was thinking of 'Who Killed Markiplier' & decided to put my idea of what exactly happened down in fic form.
Told from the POV of the house-demon-thing.

(I'm not happy about the final line, this kind of thing needs to end with a punch but I can't think of anything.)


Into the Dark )


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So I was trawling though marksandrec & I started thinking about an AU idea w/ Marks & Jacks ego’s.

What if all the characters were part of a circus?
A creepy circus of course. And they’d still have freaky powers or whatever, but they’d still have to deal with putting on a show (I’ve worked enough back stage to know the types of shenanigans that pop up so this is something I’d love to read myself). I figure this would be set in the past at the height of the freak show craze just because of the complete lack of safety regulations. And then I thought that, well, I know I’m probably never going to write this but if I did I’d need a POV character. And I’ve been listening to a lot of songs from Natewantstobattle recently & he even has a song with a kind of barker exchange that would fit (I know it’s a FNaF song, but whatever). & fans treat the characters in his music vids like egos so I figured it would fit. Even though I really know absolutely nothing about the guy.

And then I ended up spending more time thinking of how the prologue w/ him would go then the original AU idea and acutlly ended up writing a fic:


Dance with the Devil )



( ı o  }===::


So that works as a standalone I think but the rest of the circus idea was basically Natemare is wondering about trying figure out his shiny new powers when someone tries to rob him. He scares the guy so much he faints. This is how he discovers he needs fear and the nervousness of performers before an act isn’t going to cut it.


Maybe an info broker (MattPat) says he heard of a place looking for workers. Or maybe he hears someone yelling out to advertise a new show. A horror carnival. Called ‘Darks Dreadful Delight’s’ or something. The guy a has good voice for yelling (It’s Jacksepticeye) & has a patter down of all the acts guaranteed to thrill and terrify & all that stuff.

So Nate decides to go.


I’m not sure if I’d have Markiplier be the owner & have Dark the ringmaster or if I’d drop Mark & Jack altogether & just have their characters. If I did the latter the Jack would be Anti alias. If I did the former I properly have Anti possessing Jack or something. Idk.


Anyway, Natemare goes to see the show.

There’s preshow carnival stuff. Ed Edgar runs some of them. Chase Brody probably runs a ring toss. Bim Trimmer might run one of those rope ladder things. Since those are practically impossible.


There also a cabinet of curios kind of thing, which you pay to go in. It’s run by the Host. It’s got weird things like a green eyeball that swims in a tank and a tiny dancing little box. It’s got a ton of fakes like the stuffed Jackalope & the unicorn horn that’s actually from a narwhal. But it’s also got actual cursed items there as well. (One of them’s totally Nate’s old guitar he got when he was a kid. He doesn’t find that out until later though since he doesn’t go in, saving his money for the show itself.)


The show starts off w/ a warning from Dark that it not for the faint of heart. They take no responsibly of anyone dying of fright & such.

Since I’d say this fic would be set sometime around the early 1900s they’d have electric lighting by then, so they would have some sort or red & blue lights on him to (hide) give him his weird aura.


Wilford Warfstache who have some sort of gun/shooting performance. They defiantly get a volunteer from the audience for the finale & pop balloons around them. The crew always make sure that they the supply the guns for the act since they’re filled with blanks because if left to his own devises he would pull his own and his aim is sometimes not all that great (The balloons are actually popped by hidden pins that are pulled in place by someone backstage.) This doesn’t exactly help with Warfstache’s delusion that getting shot can’t kill you but he’s crazy anyway. There’s totally a bit at the end where he fires wildly & hits the band.

Jake/Anti is on the drums, (I think I’d get Jack to introduce himself as ‘a’ Jack since he’s a jack of all trades, filling in were needed in the circus. That’s where he’d get his name.)

Anti would make a big deal about almost being shot & swing over w/ a conveniently placed rope & chase after Warfstache all acrobatic like until getting his throat cut.

The audience would be left wondering a bit if that was part of the act.


The stage hands/clowns would be the Googles. They would be look like (actually be) machines. Elektro the was a robot on display in the 1939’s world fair so it’s not out of the possibility for acts to have something purporting to be similar around that time.

They would have a small act with the strict Googleplier ordering the others to set up between acts & Bingiplier would be the one messing up all the time & getting into trouble.

It’s serves as a distraction for the audience between acts for setting things up.

The slapstick would get harsher & harsher as the show would go on with the final set change ending w/ Goolgle ripping off Bings head.


Dr. Iplier & Dr. Schneeplestein would have some sort of mad scientist act w/ electricity. The tesla coil was made in 1891 so that could have sparks flying every were. The final of their act could be ‘bringing Anti back to life’. So he’d spend the rest of the night running after Warfstache. The finale of the whole show might be some fight that Dark interrupts or something.


Jackieboy Man & Silver Shepherd would have a high-wire trapezes act. There would be lots of bits where they almost fall but the finale would have a rope ‘break’ with some sort of last minute save. This would be yet another moment where the audience wasn’t sure if it was real or not. (It’s not, Silver Shepherd & Jackieboy Man are superheros from another dimension trapped here until someone from their home can come & get them. Jackieboy Man can fly & Silver Shepherd is invulnerable.)


Jameson Jackson has a mime act, maybe also sword swallowing & juggling, King of Squirrels has an animal (squirrel of course) act, Marvin The Magnificent has a magic act.

I don’t know if the Jims are conjoined twins or have some sort of acrobatic act.

Robbie would be a contortionist.

Maybe Bim could do double duty & have one of those acts where he eats nails & glass and stuff.


The Host has a mentalist act where he reads the audience & spills their secrets. The really bad secures he would just allude to enough for them to get really nervous about. It might be similar how mediums & spiritualist acts go. (In some shows in the past he scared people with deep dark secrets so much that they’d come back after the show to try and silence him forever. All of those people ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.)


The whole show would get more & more violent & disturbing throughout the night. The audience would be left guessing how much of it was real or not. The performers would all tread a thin line between scaring the living daylights out of everyone & not actually starting a mob, so they don’t get chased out of town.


The end of the night when they all take their bow is usually enough for the audience to feel like it was all just a good show but they all secretly be leave with an uneasy doubt about it.


As usual I don’t have a plot for this. Nate comes back the next day & gets hired as a musician. Dark & Anti realise he’s practically a baby w/ his demon powers.

The rest would be just everyone introducing themselves & what their deals are & all the acts & stuff.

Maybe other youtubers are there.

 If I was to throw the Sanders Side in there it's probably as a bunch of ghost that hunt the 'Sanders Theater', one of the place they preform in, or something.

Even the best show is like a swan, gliding along for the audience but back stage everyone’s furiously paddling to stay afloat.

I like the idea that demonic powers really don’t help w/ that as much as you’d think.


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Ok, that outline for this has been sitting on my computer for about a year now, I think it’s safe to say I’m not going to get around to making a full story out of it.

I might as well flesh it out & just post it.



Winter Soldier Ghost Stories )


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I'd been doing so good posting something once a week & then I completely let myself down last week.
I could have just posted a Happy St. Patrick's Day message or something.

Oh, well.
At least I have something for this week.

I was recently reminded that Marvel’s 1602 exists. Back when I first read it I had an idea for a fic. Since that was literally years ago it’s obvious I’m never going to write it so here it is.



Old x-men idea )




I know the performer aspect would probably suit Nightcrawler more, but I wanted to do this w/ the original comic X-Men.

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Guess who watched through Miraculous Ladybug over the weekend?

So here’s an idea for a fic that I have no clue how to end.

Spoilers up to the finale of season 2 I guess.



Read more... )



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In work I'm part of the 'global' service support and next to us are the 'diamond' service support. Diamond customers pay extra to have additional things like personalized email templates & auto bonded ticketing systems. But for the most part the diamond guys do the exact same as us but since they have a lot less customer they have more free time. There's also the fact that as the European part of a predominately American customer base, fewer customer are even awake, let alone needing support.
All this means that sometime they do things like toss stress ball around the office.

Last Thursday 2 of those balls landed on my desk so I told they I was going to hide them.
So after they left I did, and left them a riddle on our personal slack channel.

This was it:

Hidden in the shadows of home is your treasure,

One with the mightiest and one with a lesser.

Though you look all day, it is not I you see,

This sinister clue is the only one for thee.

Ans 1 )

That day after they left I hid not only the 2 balls again but also one of their toy cows.
(I wasn't worried about them finding them over the weekend because I know the guy working that weekend was working from home.)
This was the riddle I gave them:

Two orbs parted & hidden from thee,

The furthest away they could possibly be.

First in a place of both boredom or mirth,

Disembodied voices haunt this earth.

Second from afar you talk to me,

Immaterial to solid with the touch of a Key.

Lastly the cow, a precarious planner,

In the middle of all, overside the banner.

Ans 2 )

This evening I hid the balls again.
I think this is the last time I'll do it. It's hard to come up with good riddles.

Not a bride, though I have rings,

Not a dog, though I bark,

In the day I give life,

But I give poison in the dark.

One hidden in me and one in my faux,

To find these ornaments you don't have far to go.

Ans 3 )

EDIT: I came in Tues morning to see the balls on my desk
I think it's safe to say they found them pretty fast.

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Since I’m on a Sanders Sides kick lately let’s do a superhero AU.

I like the idea of them all getting their powers a different way. One inheriting his, one being born w/ them, one making his & one have them forced on him.


I’m going to go with the generic Hero names of Prince, Pathos, Logic & Anxiety. If I was actually writing this I’d try to find better names, but since I’m not I figure I don’t have to bother.



Sides with powers )




As you can see, I have a lot of ideas but no actual plot so I’m going to leave it here.
(I do like my OC villains, I might use them for something someday)


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I recently caught up on RWBY (I have a friend who’s big into it) & since the last fic I wrote was for the Sanders Sides let’s have a good old crossover idea.

(& yes, I have read PRVL by AuthorAlex97 (Sweetie_Curfy), so while I may unconsciously be influenced I am doing my own thing so this should be different) 


fic idea )


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There’s a thing going around on tumblr right now about bringing back the citrus system.
I’m old enough to remember lemons & limes.
I remember the reason behind disclaimers.
I remember writers arguing w/ their characters in authors notes.
And while I’m not old enough to have been part of Usenet & fanzines I do remember webrings.

Make of that what you will.

And all these trips down memory lane reminded me of an old fandom thing I think may be coming back as well.

There was a type of fic that was set in a place, usually a bar or a pub or even a café where characters from all types of fandoms would meet up.

The fic was usually an excuse to do an easy crossover. The tavern could be set up on a multidimensional gateway or on the 4th wall or just exist. The characters could know they were in a story & complain to each other about fics & author abuse or they could just stumble about the place & it would be played straight.

Off the top of my head I can think of one good example that I can find right now but here were many things like this done back in the day.

It’s a lot like ItsJustSomeRandomGuy’s series or HISHE’s villain’s pub & super hero café just expanded to include whatever character you want, or even multiple versions of the same character.

I’ve been reading a bunch of YouTuber fics lately and the thing that struck me was a lot of them had the same vibe as some of those old fics. I’m guessing because YouTube is so good for collaboration, writing fics where one creator’s character just know about another’s without having to explain just make’s sense.

This fic was inspired by this pic and a random comment under one of NateWantsToBattle’s music vids. 

I have since read Confusion Aside by The_WritersBlock &, though I had the idea for this beforehand, it did inspire me to finish writing it up.


YouTube Villian Meet Up )


So I wanted to have a bunch or characters from all over youtube not just letplayers & stuff. So the guy in the swirly goggles is Dr. Linksano from Atop the Fourth Wall (or, since I don’t mention what he’s wearing it could be Dr. Insano from the Spoony Experiment). The grey man is Darkiplier & the green guy w/ the throat wound is, of course, Anti Septiceye. The Loki mention is actually from Parle Productions' Some Assembly Required. The gargoyle is from the Zombie Orpheus series JourneyQuest. The guy with the cane is Pantom from the music vid I mentioned earlier. I have no idea who Deceit pissed off at the end there so it could be any villain from any youtube channel. It doesn’t matter.

(I did make Deceit more chaotic annoying rather than evil for this. And I mention Sleep even though I know he’s not & probably never will be a canon side. Also I just found out Virgil’s demon voice is called Tempest Tongue.)

I wish I could think of a better ending for this


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So this isn’t so much an idea for a fic as it is an idea for a headcannon.


the sanders sides need to eat )



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So this is definitely never going to get written because it’s an idea for a sequel to an idea I’ll also never write.
So it’s doubly never going to exists.

Summoned creatures 2 - Electric Boogaloo )



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I thought of some of this when I had my last idea & some of it when I was writing ‘Sam’s Story’.

I also liked the idea of tulpas someone online had to explain the egos.

Stream of consciousness style seemed to work the last time so let’s try this.



Summoned creatures )


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When walking in the woods playing Pokémon Go and you come across a fariyring, don't try & capture the Pokémon that appears there.
Especially if it seems to keep glitching out.


I also have a vague idea about Jack's tattoos since his first one Bold Hunter's Mark from the Bloodborne which in the game allows you to warp back to the last fire without losing anything important & his second one is a sigil from Shadow of the Colossus a week-point but meant to contain the essences of the bad guy within the colossi.

But I have no idea how to tie that into anything so that's not going anywhere.

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I’m hesitant to make New Year’s resolutions since I never end up sticking to them but in the interests of self-improvements I’m going to try and write more.
This didn’t really work out the last time I tried it but in the since anything is better than nothing I’m just going to see how it goes.

So to start with I figured I should actually write down all the ideas I have for fics that I know I’ll never write instead of just leaving them in my head & forgetting them.

Let’s see how it goes.

Since the last fic I wrote was for Jack Septiceye lets go with an idea I had.



You shouldn't have done that )



So that’s that. I’m never going to flesh this out. I really don’t have the mental stamina for it & I don’t think I can make it creepy enough.

I don’t know if I’m going for Anti taking over Jack or being summoned or if he was actually Jack all along but whatever. He’s defiantly the only one allowed to mess w/ Jack though.

As fic ideas goes this one at least had a plot. And even a sort of ending
it’s more than some of my other ideas.


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So a while back I was browsing the internet, as you do, and I came across a list of videos that JackSepticeye's characters appeared in.
Thanks to YouTube recommended algorithm I ended up watching a bunch of his videos.
I've watched some some of his stuff before but not much. I got to see him live when the Ready Player Three tour came to Dublin, Which was cool.

Now I've mentioned before that I'm not much for RPF but I can see why some people might be.
But it seems that this doesn't stop me writing stuff that skirts the line.

So I wrote this AU thing from the POV of Sam, the logo for Jack's channe.
I hope this makes sense



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The family is all home for the Holidays so we did another escape room.
This time we did the Jungle room in NoEscape.

We didn't quite as well as last time.
I'm counting it as a win because we had the final key in the final lock as the time ran out but didn't have it open.

We had to use some hints but the first 2 don't count as the first one was just to tell us we had a piece upside down & the 2nd was a mechanical error as a stick came out a bit so we couldn't move something.

We also got stuck on the last puzzle when we got to complicated about it.
I think we just got panicked because the time was running out.

It was fun though

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6 years ago I was part of a crew for a film being shot by a bunch of Americans.
Yesterday I finally got to see the finished product.

The Holy Fail was shown in the Gate cinema last night as part of the Indie Cork film festival.

I got to see my name on the big screen (though they misspelled my surname). And it wasn't small in a list of other names either. It took up the whole screen.
Also I had forgotten I had a small walk on bit when they needed an extra so I have now officially acted in a feature film ;)

It was great to finally see it all come together but I don't know if I could really enjoy it properly as everything came flooding back as I watched it. All I could remember was all the times I heard some of those lines over and over again & all the difficulties setting things up for each shot.

Still, I got to see people I have literally not seen in years & apparently the films been doing well in the festival circuit.

It was pretty cool.
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Check Please! is another web-comic I recently read though.
I read it once years back before it went on hiatus & forgot about it but I recently read though it again & caught up to where it is now.

Then, of course, I when to find fic to read.

Then I wrote this:


Haus Magic )



I'm never going to make it a full fic )


Johnson’s power is that of forth-wall breaking of course.


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I've been pretty busy with work & haven't felt like writing anything but today I did a real life escape from the room game.
I've played a lot of online games (I've even made two) but I never did a live action one.

Since my brother was home we did it as a family thing.

We did the prison escape room by WeEscape.

Not only did we not need to use any clues but we broke the record.
25 mins!

Apparently we communicate really well, I would not have guessed.
(after all, I've played monopoly with these people)

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So back in about 2013 I read through the web comic Girl Genius. It's a really good read but even though they were good a regularly updating I couldn't stick with reading it one page at a time. So much stuff is always happening that I felt it was better to wait a while and then read it a chunk at a time.

Then I completely forgot about it.

Recently I went back and read it from the start up to where it is now.

I had forgotten how much fun it was.

And then I wrote this.
Set in the nebulous future where everything works out it can be seen as current or pre Agatha/Gil, Agatha/Tarvek or Agatha/Gil/Tarvek
(I can't believe this has ended up being the longest thing I've ever written)


A Year In Celebration )




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