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I thought of some of this when I had my last idea & some of it when I was writing ‘Sam’s Story’.

I also liked the idea of tulpas someone online had to explain the egos.

Stream of consciousness style seemed to work the last time so let’s try this.



Summoned creatures )


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When walking in the woods playing Pokémon Go and you come across a fariyring, don't try & capture the Pokémon that appears there.
Especially if it seems to keep glitching out.


I also have a vague idea about Jack's tattoos since his first one Bold Hunter's Mark from the Bloodborne which in the game allows you to warp back to the last fire without losing anything important & his second one is a sigil from Shadow of the Colossus a week-point but meant to contain the essences of the bad guy within the colossi.

But I have no idea how to tie that into anything so that's not going anywhere.

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I’m hesitant to make New Year’s resolutions since I never end up sticking to them but in the interests of self-improvements I’m going to try and write more.
This didn’t really work out the last time I tried it but in the since anything is better than nothing I’m just going to see how it goes.

So to start with I figured I should actually write down all the ideas I have for fics that I know I’ll never write instead of just leaving them in my head & forgetting them.

Let’s see how it goes.

Since the last fic I wrote was for Jack Septiceye lets go with an idea I had.



You shouldn't have done that )



So that’s that. I’m never going to flesh this out. I really don’t have the mental stamina for it & I don’t think I can make it creepy enough.

I don’t know if I’m going for Anti taking over Jack or being summoned or if he was actually Jack all along but whatever. He’s defiantly the only one allowed to mess w/ Jack though.

As fic ideas goes this one at least had a plot. And even a sort of ending
it’s more than some of my other ideas.


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So a while back I was browsing the internet, as you do, and I came across a list of videos that JackSepticeye's characters appeared in.
Thanks to YouTube recommended algorithm I ended up watching a bunch of his videos.
I've watched some some of his stuff before but not much. I got to see him live when the Ready Player Three tour came to Dublin, Which was cool.

Now I've mentioned before that I'm not much for RPF but I can see why some people might be.
But it seems that this doesn't stop me writing stuff that skirts the line.

So I wrote this AU thing from the POV of Sam, the logo for Jack's channe.
I hope this makes sense



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The family is all home for the Holidays so we did another escape room.
This time we did the Jungle room in NoEscape.

We didn't quite as well as last time.
I'm counting it as a win because we had the final key in the final lock as the time ran out but didn't have it open.

We had to use some hints but the first 2 don't count as the first one was just to tell us we had a piece upside down & the 2nd was a mechanical error as a stick came out a bit so we couldn't move something.

We also got stuck on the last puzzle when we got to complicated about it.
I think we just got panicked because the time was running out.

It was fun though

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6 years ago I was part of a crew for a film being shot by a bunch of Americans.
Yesterday I finally got to see the finished product.

The Holy Fail was shown in the Gate cinema last night as part of the Indie Cork film festival.

I got to see my name on the big screen (though they misspelled my surname). And it wasn't small in a list of other names either. It took up the whole screen.
Also I had forgotten I had a small walk on bit when they needed an extra so I have now officially acted in a feature film ;)

It was great to finally see it all come together but I don't know if I could really enjoy it properly as everything came flooding back as I watched it. All I could remember was all the times I heard some of those lines over and over again & all the difficulties setting things up for each shot.

Still, I got to see people I have literally not seen in years & apparently the films been doing well in the festival circuit.

It was pretty cool.
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Check Please! is another web-comic I recently read though.
I read it once years back before it went on hiatus & forgot about it but I recently read though it again & caught up to where it is now.

Then, of course, I when to find fic to read.

Then I wrote this:


Haus Magic )



I'm never going to make it a full fic )


Johnson’s power is that of forth-wall breaking of course.


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I've been pretty busy with work & haven't felt like writing anything but today I did a real life escape from the room game.
I've played a lot of online games (I've even made two) but I never did a live action one.

Since my brother was home we did it as a family thing.

We did the prison escape room by WeEscape.

Not only did we not need to use any clues but we broke the record.
25 mins!

Apparently we communicate really well, I would not have guessed.
(after all, I've played monopoly with these people)

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So back in about 2013 I read through the web comic Girl Genius. It's a really good read but even though they were good a regularly updating I couldn't stick with reading it one page at a time. So much stuff is always happening that I felt it was better to wait a while and then read it a chunk at a time.

Then I completely forgot about it.

Recently I went back and read it from the start up to where it is now.

I had forgotten how much fun it was.

And then I wrote this.
Set in the nebulous future where everything works out it can be seen as current or pre Agatha/Gil, Agatha/Tarvek or Agatha/Gil/Tarvek
(I can't believe this has ended up being the longest thing I've ever written)


A Year In Celebration )





Mar. 1st, 2018 03:44 pm
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We have a red weather warning where I live right now so the building were I work is closed.

Being an international tech company means I can work remotely so no day off.

When the storm hits I might lose power but I'd take working over being frozen so I can't even hope for that.

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I was working last week as well so I wrote this up.

It's not really a full story, just a snippet of action taking place in WWII with the Howling Commandos.


Blood Brothers )

This came from some of my musings on why Zola could never replicate the serum even though it worked on Bucky.

There was a gap they couldn't record from when they first experimented on him to when they got him back.
I figure it's totally possible that Zola's serum & Erskine's may have interacted at some point.

After all they were fighting a war. They probably bled on each other a lot.



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With my current job I have even less time & mental energy to write.

However, 1 in 4 weeks I work weekends.
We're really only there for coverage. If something goes wrong we have a lot to do since there's so few of us available but otherwise it's pretty much time to catch up on things.

Last moth I wrote this.

I gave it to my sister to proof read but with her new job & the fact she has just moved I don't think she'll get around to it any time soon.

So I'm just going to go ahead & post it



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Had the idea for this for awhile but am only getting around to writing this now.
I don't have a good idea for a title though. Edit: thought of one




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I finally have a job in the IT sector.

I've only got an 11 month contract but it's a step in the right direction.


May. 30th, 2017 04:28 pm
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I've seen people using this really cool site that paints line art automatically and wanted to try something. I'm not good at drawing though & I wanted to do something a bit different.

There's this cool gif that I am using without permission (sorry), because I only speak English and can't ask & also don't currently have a tumblr, that I split into frames, coloured and converted back into a gif. It only took a couple of days & it turned out pretty ok.

It's annoying that there is so few options for dark skin but I think the program's Japanese so that might explain it.
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I have so many films and series I've been meaning to watch. I had so free time recently so I ended up-

-not watching any of them.

I was on YouTube, and since I'm subscribed to Loading Ready Run I got prompted some of their old vids. While watching their Papers Please parody YouTube recommended a few parodies of the game done by other people and I ended up binge watching all of the videos by Door Monster.


On another note, someone subscribed to this. I don't know why since I really write anything and none of it's interesting but, Hi, I guess.
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Mod Hell from Bucky, King of Memes posted a piece of line art because they were thinking of doing a "Colouring Buck".
I decided to have a go at colouring it.

(Metal is hard. As are backgrounds. And Shading.)

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Now I just have to wait 'till next month for the results. I know I made two big mistakes in the last test because I was hurrying to get it all done in the time allowed and misread the question but hopefully I'm not docked too many marks.
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I started this LJ to make me write more. It didn't really work but I have used it.
Even when I started this LJ popularity was waning and nowadays everyone's on tumblr but I never expected anyone else to be looking at this so it was fine.
But over the years LJ has been changed over and ever now and then it crashes and with everything else it's about time I switched over to some other site. I've had a Dreamwidth account I've never used so I'm going to try and import everything to them & from now on I'll try using that.
It's doubtful I'll be any better at writing there but you never know.

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